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Introducing Geraldine
Geraldine is an experienced Channeler and Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner.  She works with three Spirit Guides or Angels.  She has over 30 years of study, training and experience with her guides as both a Channeler and an Energy Healer and has been doing this work since 1979.

What is a Channeled Reading?
The guides work through Gearldine to speak directly with you answering your questions.

What is an Energy Healing Session with Geraldine?
Geraldine scans the energy of the person and transmits healing energy where it is needed.

What are Spirit Guides?
Spirit guides are known by most people as guardian angels.  They are evolved spiritual teachers who have chosen to work with people on earth.

Meet the Spirit Guides working with Geraldine.
John and Sarah are highly evolved spiritual teachers.
Chinoe is a Master Healer.

Private Sessions:  Geraldine will meet with you in person or by phone.  It is by appointment only.  A recording of the session will be provided upon request at the time the appointment is set.  All readings are confidential.

Group Sessions: In these sessions the guides speak about a specific subject. Sometimes if time allows the guides will answer a personal question.

This is a 10 week class that teaches you how to connect with your spirit guide.  The class is experiential.
All of the information in the class I have received from my guides.  You will learn about your own etheric
body and how to work with your centers.  After a few weeks in the class you will receive a private
guided meditation from your guide.  The maximum number in the class is 6 students. 

Contact:  Please contact Geraldine by phone at 937.294.9152 or email at for classes, pricing or to schedule your private session.
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